Our Portfolio: As varied as your needs
Our Portfolio: As varied as your needs


Our Portfolio: As varied as your needs

We know and fulfil the high majority of your needs as customer. We are open to learning more with unusual requirements.

Wide product range

We develop and produce products from single and prototype solutions right through to large scale series productions for global players. Workpieces with complex geometry or exotic materials are not rare here.

High-Tech Production

With our modern machinery, in which we invest directly, we can make reliable production commitments and deliver absolute quality.


The customer demonstrably receives products of absolute precision. We select our suppliers in accordance with strict quality standards.


We document the whole process from procurement to stock management.

Short reaction times

Due to the family atmosphere in our structures, we clarify questions directly and without unnecessary red tape. Thus, index and version changes can be carried out very promptly.


We try to effect short-notice changes of production or delivery parameter quickly and straightforwardly, for example with JIT calls.

International Ordering System

Subsidiaries of internationally operating corporate groups order centrally with us in Germany. We know the customs, import regulations and incoterms and deliver the goods completely packaged according to your specifications to all countries of the world.

Delivery agreements

We service your orders as a single order and do this accordingly also within long-term agreements such as framework agreements. With these you benefit fully from the advantages of stable and favourable pricing, short delivery times and constant product quality.

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