Industry 4.0

Connected, innovative, efficient — the future starts now!

Smartly connected — produced efficiently.


Enterprise resource planning

The systemic heart of the company. Integration of financial management, human resources, procurement, production and sales.


Manufacturing control system

Our live tracking of work sequences gives us feedback on the current production status at any time.

PPS system

Production planning & control

Planned quality through our PPS system. All work steps and resources are precisely planned in advance.


Machine data collection

Utilization, production planning or fault analysis — our machine data collection gives us the best control over processes and their quality.


document management system

Our DMS system guarantees us clean archiving, audit security and traceability in document management.


tool management system

Allows us access to all tools and testing equipment in the company and thus ensures automated availability.


Operational data collection

Our production data collection enables us to retrieve live status from all production orders at any time.


CAM systems

CNC program generation is carried out using modern CAM systems in order to identify and correct errors during the simulation process.


CAD system

Our CAD system helps us to develop internal designs, but also to further develop customer files.

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Industry 4.0

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