Decades of experience for
highest standards.

Satisfied customers thanks to the highest quality

Our many years of expertise in sensitive industries shape our deep-rooted understanding of quality as a holistic entrepreneurial achievement.

Through precisely developed processes and stable structures, we not only guarantee first-class results, but also focus on continuous maintenance and development of quality standards.

We are not trying to maintain our quality standards — our team drives them forward

A strong awareness of quality is firmly anchored in our corporate culture.

Our quality management is tailored to our specific processes and continuously strives for perfection.

Thanks to our customers in the medical technology, aerospace and defense industries, our manufacturing and quality processes meet the most demanding requirements in accordance with standards 13485 and 9100.

Highly qualified personnel paired with the best equipment

In our quality assurance, we rely on cutting-edge technologies and highly qualified personnel to ensure the highest standards.

Our Mitutoyo Crysta Apex measuring machines, equipped with a scan function and variable probe combinations, enable precise and reliable measurements.

Our air-conditioned measurement rooms create optimal conditions for accurate and reproducible results.

Complete documentation

Our corporate philosophy is based on documented quality and comprehensive traceability in order to meet the highest standards.

We attach great importance to careful archiving of material certificates, initial samples and test reports. This not only ensures the transparency of our processes, but also enables seamless control and monitoring of all production phases.

Through this holistic approach, we ensure that every manufactured product meets the specified requirements and thus offer our customers the highest level of confidence in our quality work.

Quality in series. Not a random product.


First article inspection

Initial sample test reports according to the highest standards! Our experienced team ensures that your products meet requirements & specifications. From comprehensive analysis to detailed documentation, we offer professional service.


Advanced Product Quality Planning

Using a holistic approach, we define quality standards from the start. Accompanied through the entire production process. From product design to series production, we support you with planning, risk assessment and continuous improvement.


Process Capability

We optimize our processes with the help of process capability studies. Our experts analyse the performance of processes based on the process capability coefficients Cp and Cpk and identify potential for improvement.


Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Maximize the security of your projects with FMEA and risk analysis! Our experts identify potential risks and develop effective strategies to reduce risks. Rely on our expertise to successfully manage your projects and minimize outages.


Control Plan

We develop customized test control and inspection plans that ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards. From identifying relevant test steps to defining the test parameters, we take care of all the details.


Standard Operating Procedure

Our team follows precise procedural instructions and work instructions to ensure a consistent and efficient way of working. From production to quality control, we comply with established standards to achieve the best results.

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