System partner

Working together to achieve success

Your reliable system partner for sensitive industries

We understand the specific requirements of your industry and offer tailored solutions for your products.

With a profound understanding of complex technologies and the highest quality standards, we are your partner for innovative solutions and first-class service.

Find solutions

You have an assignment or task and we actively help you find a constructive solution. In this way, our expert knowledge ends up directly in your final production chain. Our specialists support your technicians with technical advice and, if necessary, solve basic design problems in order to make the product as cost-effective as possible.

Work cost-effectively: By means of feasibility studies, we analyse which procedures are efficient and cost-saving in a specific project. We define problem areas, suggest solutions and eradicate cost drivers. Identify and use opportunities: This is achieved through extensive project experience and our close cooperation with your design department.

Our process. Your benefits:

Absolute adherence to deadlines: With our focus on precision, efficiency and planning security, we ensure that your schedules are met.

Count on us to achieve your goals on time while meeting the highest standards.

Efficient production: Our efficient solutions set new standards for productivity and performance.

With cutting-edge technology and industry knowledge, we optimize manufacturing processes, shorten lead times and reduce costs.

Excellent service: From initial enquiry to final processing, we offer you an unrivalled service tailored to your individual needs.

Our commitment to the highest quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in every detail to ensure you enjoy the best experience possible.

warehousing. Smooth supply chain

We take care of the warehousing and delivery of your components as required.

In doing so, we are very flexible and ensure the availability of the products quickly and also in the long term.

Within framework agreements, we offer various warehousing strategies and concepts.

Examples include the consignment warehouse and Kanban system, up to the First In — First Out variant.

your requirements. Our promise.

Wide range of products

We develop and produce products ranging from individual and prototype solutions to large series for global players. Workpieces with complex geometries or exotic materials are also not uncommon.

High-tech production

With our modern machinery, in which we invest in a targeted manner, we can make reliable production promises and deliver absolute quality.


Our products and services stand for the highest standards and reliability. With relentless striving for perfection and an eye for detail, we guarantee quality that you can feel.


Through automated processes, we document all relevant data — from procurement to warehousing.

Short response times

Thanks to a family structure, we answer questions through the smallest official channels. Index or version changes can therefore be implemented very promptly.


We try to implement short-term changes to production and delivery parameters, for example when retrieving quantities, easily and quickly.

International ordering

International customers order from us centrally in Germany. We know the formalities relating to customs, import regulations and Incoterms. Goods are delivered worldwide, completely packaged according to your wishes.

Supply contracts

We are happy to represent your orders through framework agreements. These offer you the full benefits of stable and low prices, short delivery times and consistent product quality.

Consulting expertise

Thanks to our decades of experience and the use of cutting-edge methods and technologies, we are happy to advise you right from the development phase to ensure efficient and cost-optimized production.

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